Hi! My name is Ron Forrester, and I have been in the work from home business profession for 30 years, 27 of them full time as my sole source of income.

My commute is 23 steps, every day, and I sleep till I’m done before I take those steps!

I actually got started in this industry wanting $500 more per month to purchase an automobile instead of a car…. I wanted a Jaguar. I am a registered Pharmacist and even though my income from Pharmacy was substantial ($75,000/yr in 1980) I really could not justify taking the car payment from the family cash flow.

Why not? Because the Jaguar was going to be my toy.

I was working 72 hours per week, and being paid for 44 (which, as you know, is how Corporate America treats its “salaried” employees!) and I had two small daughters at the time. The requirement to put in all those extra hours was also one of my motivators to be looking at other ways to make a living, because I wanted to spend more time with my family.

So not only was I motivated by the “want” for the toy, I also wanted to get my time freedom back!

I searched everything…other professions (pharmaceutical sales for instance…same problem…lots of time involved to make a decent living), mail-order businesses, direct mail, publishing…name it–I looked at it.

I was fortunate because I lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the time and had a next door neighbor that had been trying to recruit me for 7 years, so I went to talk with him. Our conversation was an eyeopener for me because I was totally against “pyramids.” ( I didn’t even know what a pyramid was, other than the Egyptian ones). I asked him to be very frank with me, that I was really interested in knowing more about MLM. He was, to my great benefit.

First he explained that the only Pyramid in the US was corporate America…simply because there is only one person at the top of the heap making more money than anyone else by taking a little off of everyone in the company, and NO-ONE had a chance to enter that company as the stock clerk and make it to the top. I got to thinking about that and had to agree with him…in my own company I could hope to make it to Regional Manager and that was about it, so I listened to more.

He told me that to be successful in ANY endeavor took the same effort no matter what the organization was…you had to be focused on the desire to be successful and you had to work at accomplishing that goal one day at a time, without quitting.

I thought about it….he was right. I had become a Pharmacist, one day at a time going to school for six years, and then working for one year on the job to really learn how to do the job. I didn’t decide to be a Pharmacist and six weeks later I are one! It took a long time.

I asked him what I needed to do. He said simply, “Treat it like a business. Show up…do what you need to do to introduce the opportunity to others BUT that it would not take more than a few minutes a day, consistently and persistently. Remember that this is a “spare” time business, blend it into your life…don’t wrap your life around it…be sensible and you will not burn out.”

“A few minutes a day?” I said. “Yes, just hand out this cassette to two people a day, consistently and persistently and you will be successful, if you don’t quit.”

“Can I be making say, $500 a month in a 4-5 months?” I asked.

“Yes, If you treat it like a business.” He said.

“I will.” I replied. And I did.

At the time I reasoned I could earn the extra $500 in a spare time business and not feel I was taking money away from the household and family needs.

In my fourth month I did receive my first $500 check. I held it in my hand, and realized that I had not gone out and sold the product to produce that much profit to generate a check of $500! BUT, I did realize right then many of the things I had been told over the past few months…..This was truly what the wealthy talked about when they said to “leverage” you assets to build wealth. I was working 5 hours per week! But by that time I had about 200 hours a week going into my business! I had simply introduced the concept, via the tapes, to some people, who introduced the concept to others and that had leveraged others time! And two of those people had also received checks for $500! This was powerful and I said to myself “I’m sticking around and seeing how far I can take this thing!”

Three years later my spare time business was earning three (3) times my pharmacy income, and I retired from corporate America at the tender age of 36!

How? Because I applied the only success formula that will produce wealth for anyone, every time! The two wealth principles are 1) leveraging my efforts..and 2) only doing what produces residual income….getting paid over and over for work done one time, not like most do by trading hours for dollars and never getting paid again for the work done for that weekly or monthly check.

Best decision I could have made, because my income has only increased over the years, but more so because I have met some incredible people (have 1000′s of friends all over the world!); have traveled all over the world; done more with my family than most ever get to do; have the time freedom to experience more of life than most ever get to do; don’t worry about where the next dollar is coming from because I earn more in a month than many earn in a year; and I have never driven a “car” since my corporate retirement date….only an “automobile!”

Hard to imagine all those accomplishments for a deep South tenant farmers son, huh?


I owe it all to wonderful parents who instilled in me the knowledge I could do anything I wanted, if I believed I could. And, an incredibly aggressive ambition to have a better life than I had while growing up.

Don’t misunderstand, I never lacked for what I “needed,” but rarely had what I “wanted,” and believe me, what you want will motivate you far more than what you need!

Of course, one of the biggest motivations I had came as a result of watching my parents and how they worked day to day.

As I said we were tenant farmers on a beef cattle farm beginning when I was five years old. Prior to that we lived in a “mill village” which was nothing more than a neighborhood built to house textile workers in a small town in North Carolina, population 4,017. It was about 1100 square feet with 3 bedrooms housing me, my oldest sister, my brother, my mom and my dad. (my youngest sister was not born until I was 9). The only good thing about this house was it backed up to a little league baseball field for the neighborhood. Only thing is, no-one could play ball on it due to the holes in the playing field, especially the infield.

Which is another story!

The little town I grew up in is located in a mineral rich area in North Carolina, and that baseball field had one of the biggest veins of crystal quartz running through it you have ever seen! Beautiful, clear, double terminated (looked like diamonds!) crystals and massive globs of crystals were found all over it. Some of us actually dug deep pits to find the best specimens. This was the start of a lifelong pursuit of mine, rock-hounding and that led to my endeavors in the art of faceting gemstones. More on this later, if you want.

Anyway, at the tender age of 5 we moved to the farm and my work life began. It didn’t take me long to realize I was destined to labor all my life if I didn’t do something about it! At 9 I established my first business….I hired myself out to the women in the neighborhood….Yep, at age 9!….lol….

I cut their grass on Saturdays, mopped and waxed their floors on Wednesday, Vacuumed their houses on Friday. (My wife tells me it was time well spent, because I can vacuum a house better than anyone she has ever seen…!) LOL……

From 9 years old I have bought my own clothes, shoes and whatever I “wanted” that I could afford. The freedom to do that instilled a real “want” in me….the want to be my own boss, earning my own money and not be tied down by being an employee! But I could never earn enough to satisfy my wants, working by myself. I had to find a way to make more money!

So I guess it was inevitable that I would establish my own pharmacy, which I did and it was a wildly successful one in its first month! HOWEVER, I still had to go to work, stay there 10 hours a day, carry inventory, have all kinds of insurances, pay employees, hire and fire employees, work in their place when they didn’t show up, ….essentially be the jack of all trades…..and I DID NOT LIKE IT! More money was going out to others than I was getting! So, I closed the pharmacy and went to work for a chain store.

I was extremely fortunate because I was introduced to the home based business industry by a man who knew what he was doing, being a veteran of 15 years and he taught me the proper methods and systems to grow my business. Duplication by establishing leaders that will grow their business and therefore grow mine. He taught me to be a servant leader.

My spare time business was so successful that it freed me from that life of labor, life of drudgery and the grindstone of getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, watching television, going to bed, getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, watching television and then going to bed in just three years!

Now after many years of successful endeavor…..only 6 companies in 30 years of which I was the number One field associate in 3 of the companies, in the top 5 in two of the others, and in the top 200 in the first one….when someone asked me what it takes I tell them,”a number of factors are important…since everyone has the same opportunity, has the same product, is paid under the same compensation plan, has the same tools, has the same market to present to..then there are only two factors that really matter…1) You (the individual) and 2) If you have the desire, are teachable, are wanting success and you have someone who can teach you the systems, then you will be successful if you just keep at it.”

That is basically what separates me from the general field….I know how to build a business successfully and how to show you how build a business successfully. The Secret? You must be teachable, want success, have someone who can teach you the success system and be able to follow a simple plan. That’s it! No other secrets.

In my 30 years I have been wildly successful….by recognizing a critical factor about the “Products”  any company offers.  When you have an EASILY demonstrated product..(one that can be demonstrated in 3-5 minutes) you will have a WINNER, especially when the demonstration is dramatic! Go to my page to see the BEST and most EXCITING work from home business that has come into the profession in 15 years! This one is a HIT and will have a lot of people making a lot of money! There are very simple reasons “why” besides the fact it is so unique and the time is now …The massive numbers of people wanting better lives and searching everywhere to find the answers, the fact there are proven success systems in place, and they are available to you!….Everything is already created for you! You simply have to do what produces success! Participate in a system that is engineered for your success! These systems have taken the guess work out of the formula….you simply have to follow a system to realize the monetary benefits for yourself! Nothing could be simpler. The systems are time tested, proven systems that produce! The potential is so great you really can’t afford to pass this opportunity by, you owe it to yourself to start, and start now!

Would you like to know the plan? The success formula? Then get involved now and contact me. Simple.

Ron Forrester

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